Customize a sleep health program to help improve your employees' overall health

Not getting enough sleep is linked to many chronic diseases and conditions — such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression — that threaten our nation’s health. Sleep deprivation can affect everything from cognition to attention, decision-making to working memory. These disorders can be diagnosed and treated, bringing relief to those who suffer from them.

A sleep health consultation for employers can help your business in areas like executive sleep health, shift worker sleep health, or sleep health for optimal brain performance. The nationally recognized sleep health experts at Fairview will examine your organization’s sleep issues, conduct analysis, then recommend customized solutions to create an environment of overall better employee health. 

The Fairview Difference

Exceptional Care

With flexible sleep testing methods, leading-edge technology, ongoing support, and multiple locations, Fairview’s Sleep Health program eases concerns about your employee’s sleep health — while improving their health outcomes.

Better Patient Experience

We make sleep testing and treatment as convenient as possible, providing options like online assessments and in-home testing. We offer a better continuation of medical care, assuring that each treatment is working and that everyone experiences improved health outcomes.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Fairview works with your organization to develop a financial model that best meets your needs while minimizing your health care spend.